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Protecting Your
Brands Image

VALID specializes in protecting a brand's image, and reputation through anti-counterfeit solutions and brand protection strategies.

Eliminate counterfeits
Eliminate uncertainty
Eliminate fraud

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The Three Pillars

At VALID we believe that there are three pillars that need to be overtaken in order to put an end to counterfeiting.


Unlike competitors, VALID uses advanced technology to form an encrypted communication layer between the tag, and our authentication server, to insure that the authentication tag has not been duplicated.

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VALID provides information transparency. By allowing anyone to know the authenticity of a product. By providing easy access to information about product authenticity, VALID empowers customers to make informed decisions and strengthens brand trust.

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At VALID, we believe in the power of ownership not just as a physical possession, but as a digital one as well. When you invest in a valuable item, it should be protected not just from theft but from being resold in the illicit market. With VALID's technology embedded in your products, not only do you maintain digital ownership of that item, but you also play a role in dismantling the illegal trade of stolen goods.

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KEY features

Features that make us different

Mobile First

VALID is designed to be a mobile-first platform, which means that you can access and manage your products on-the-go. With our mobile-first approach, you can easily manage and digitize your products, validate their authenticity, prove ownership, recover lost items, deter theft, and much more, all while on the go, making it convenient and accessible to use wherever and whenever you need it.

Powerful Security

Experience unbeatable security with VALID, the product authentication platform that employs cutting-edge anti-duplication technology. Our advanced validation system goes beyond basic encryption to conduct a series of comprehensive tests, making it resistant to cloning and duplication attacks. Our state-of-the-art techniques to wrap encrypted messages also protect against side channel attacks. With VALID, you can trust that your product's authenticity is always ensured, as we are committed to providing powerful and reliable product authentication services.

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Elevate your brand's reputation by protecting the ownership rights of your customers with VALID. We understand that the true value of a luxury item lies not just in its material worth, but in the sense of control and agency that comes with ownership. Our innovative technology enables customers to register their products in a digital closet, and in the event of loss or theft, activate the "Lost Mode" function, facilitating recovery and reducing the impact of organized theft on our society. By working with VALID, brands can take a stand against the illicit trade of stolen goods, and empower customers to assert their ownership rights, reinforcing the value and integrity of your brand.


How it works?

Whether you're a small to medium sized business, or a large corporation, we will work with you to easily integrate VALID into your product.

Collect Product Details

We will collect details on the product, including images and a description, as well as any other necessary information.

Business Verification

Before we can add you to the VALID platform, we will verify that your business is indeed who they claim to be.


We will onboard you into the VALID ecosystem, which will take a few days to complete.

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Ready to Use

We will assist you in integrating our technology into your product.

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The VALID Guarantee

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We guarantee that you'll have peace of mind knowing your products are protected and your brand image is secure, or we'll work tirelessly to make it right.