The Authentication Platform

We believe transparency is the key to overcoming counterfeiting

A Single Tap Away

VALID allows you to tap & authenticate a garment instantly - even without downloading an app

A photo of a hand scanning an item integrated with VALID's tap to verify technology

Authenticity Reimagined

The most secure authentication platform in the world

At its core, a great authentication platform should use advanced enough technology to avoid duplication.

That's why we've gone to great lengths to make sure that our technology is the most robust in the market.

Each authentication chip uses 256 bit AES derived keys, as well as rotating digital signatures to make it virtually impossible to duplicate.‍

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To learn more about the great lengths we've gone to maintaining security, reach out to us above
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At our core, we believe in paying tribute to authentic creations, and giving homage to the early pioneers of those creations.

A hat with VALID being scanned

Tap to Verify

when someone has an item that supports VALID, all you need to do is tap to verify their item
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To tap to scan, first locate the red VALID logo. This is usually located on or near a products label

The VALID logo icon
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Attend Exclusive Events

VALID allows you to prove ownership of an item, and attend exclusive brand sponsored events by using your item as your ticket in
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After you link a product to your account, make sure notifications are enabled to be alerted to upcoming events

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Build a Collection

build and prove your authentic collection with Showcase. Add friends to see their Showcase
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Follow friends, and share your collection with Showcase.

Showcase allows you to verifiably display ownership of your authentic items

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VALID integrates technology in your brand to give your products a digital seal of authenticity
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Boost Consumer Trust

By effectively combating counterfeiting, you can increase consumer trust in the authenticity and quality of your brand.

Strengthen Brand Loyalty

Strengthen brand loyalty and intimacy with your customers by being a part of their digital life.

Mitigate Financial Losses

Counterfeiting results in significant financial losses for brands. Our solutions help reduce these losses and protect your brand's bottom line.

What our clients say

Johnna H.
Fashion Industry
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VALID's scanning tech has been a lifesaver in combating counterfeits, and fostering trust.

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Matt C
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We used to have issues with some of our attendees buying tickets second hand, and later finding out that they were fake or duplicated. It's something we don't have control over, but is something that still hurts our customers and reputation.

VALID allowed us to provide mobile authentication services to our attendees so they could verify tickets weren't fake or copied.

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Jason M
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‍As an artist, protecting my work's authenticity is vital. VALID's user-friendly app has revolutionized this process, allowing anyone easy verification of my art. It's opened new opportunities and given me peace of mind. A must-have for artists!

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