VALID Unveils Tap To Verify Technology "VALIDGuard"

A close up image of VALID's VALIDGuard technology with the words "Tap To Verify" written on it.
A photo of a scanned item that was integrated with VALID's tap to verify technology
A hat with VALID being scanned

Los Angeles, California — VALID, renowned for their trailblazing fusion of fashion and technology, today unveiled an exciting new feature, VALIDGuard. In an innovative step forward, VALIDGuard introduces tap-to-verify technology, set to redefine user interaction with fashion items and enhance the authenticity of products.

VALIDGuard is a remarkable addition to VALID's existing suite of digital fashion solutions. This cutting-edge technology uses smartphone capabilities to enable users to verify the authenticity of their fashion items. VALIDGuard brings the convenience and security of digital verification right at the fingertips of consumers, marking a substantial leap forward in the fashion-tech landscape.

The process is simple and user-friendly: customers just need to tap their smartphones to the product. Using state-of-the-art near field communication (NFC) technology, VALIDGuard instantly confirms the product's authenticity and displays it on the user's smartphone. The whole interaction is designed to be seamless and effortless, removing any uncertainty about a product's authenticity.

At the heart of VALIDGuard is a mission to tackle one of the fashion industry's significant challenges: counterfeiting. This groundbreaking feature puts the power of product verification directly in the hands of consumers, providing them with an added layer of trust and security in their fashion choices. With VALIDGuard, users will have the peace of mind that their fashion items are genuine and verified.

In addition, VALIDGuard enhances the personal connection between the owner and their fashion item. By providing a unique digital signature to each piece, it reinforces the item's value and the user's ownership. VALIDGuard takes the user experience to new heights, bridging the gap between the physical world of fashion and the digital sphere.

"VALIDGuard is a game-changer. We're leveraging cutting-edge technology to bring our customers an unprecedented level of assurance and engagement with their fashion items. This is a crucial step in our ongoing commitment to innovate at the intersection of fashion and technology." - Shant Lokmanian, VALID's CEO

The unveiling of VALIDGuard signals a new era in fashion. With this pioneering technology, VALID is pushing the boundaries of what's possible and shaping a future where fashion is not just wearable but also interactively verifiable. This innovative step forward is a testament to VALID's dedication to revolutionizing the fashion-tech landscape.

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