VALID Unveils the Virtual Closet: Revolutionizing the Digital Fashion Experience

A man holding a pair of shoes that are being scanned by the VALID app.
A person holding a phone with a photo of a pair of shoes on the screen, and a button below that is labeled "link"
A photo of two phones. The one on the left is showing VALID's new closet feature. The one on the right has one of the items opened up, with a button below that is labeled "Manage Item"

Los Angeles, California — VALID is thrilled to unveil a revolutionary feature that will fundamentally reshape the fashion landscape: the Virtual Closet. This innovative addition to VALID's progressive ecosystem stands as testament to the company's relentless drive to enhance the digital fashion experience, offering users an unparalleled level of interactivity and personalization.

VALID's Virtual Closet transcends the limits of a simple digital display, incorporating intelligent features that bring the tactile world of fashion into the digital sphere. At the heart of this innovation is VALID's proprietary validation technology. Users can easily scan their physical items using a smartphone, which then seamlessly integrates them into their Virtual Closet. This authentication process offers users a safe and secure platform to store and display their esteemed fashion collection.

A distinguishing feature of VALID's Virtual Closet is its ability to confer digital ownership. Once a fashion item is scanned and incorporated into the Virtual Closet, it becomes uniquely associated with that user, precluding any claims of ownership by others. This unique digital signature associated with each item enhances its personal value, providing an innovative platform for expressing one's individual fashion sense and collections.

A photo of the VALID app UI showing an item being marked as lost
Mark Item As Lost Prompt

To enhance user security, VALID has introduced a 'mark as lost' feature. If an item is lost or stolen, users can immediately update its status in their Virtual Closet. If the item is subsequently scanned by another user, the original owner's contact information is displayed, discouraging unauthorized resale and facilitating potential recovery of the item.

VALID's Virtual Closet is more than a digital platform; it's an all-encompassing tool that merges a personalized fashion experience with state-of-the-art technology. It signifies an exciting stride towards the future of fashion and marks a major milestone in the convergence of technology and personal style.

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