VALID Debuts Integration Program: Opening VALIDGuard for Third-Party Brands

A photo of a scanned item that was integrated with VALID's tap to verify technology
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Los Angeles, California — VALID, today announced their third party integration program for VALIDGuard, their transformative tap-to-verify technology. Venturing into a transformative era of fashion-tech collaboration, VALID is introducing an integration program, opening the doors of this groundbreaking technology to third-party apparel brands.

VALIDGuard represents the force behind VALID's revolutionary features, such as the Virtual Closet and smartphone validation. This pioneering technology allows physical items to be authenticated and associated with a user's Virtual Closet, virtually creating a digital counterpart of each piece. Until today, this technology was a privilege exclusive to VALID’s flagship products.

The introduction of the new integration program, however, expands the reach of VALIDGuard to a wider market. This program unfolds an array of opportunities for third-party apparel companies ready to tap into the technology to elevate their user experience. Brands can now authenticate their products with VALIDGuard, facilitating users to scan, verify, and add these items to their Virtual Closets.

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blueprint of third-party item integration

This paradigm-shifting move is primed to reinvent the fashion landscape, providing companies with the means to effortlessly incorporate avant-garde technology into their portfolio. By integrating VALIDGuard, brands can add intrinsic value to their products, offering customers not merely a fashion item but an interactive, contemporary, and secure fashion journey.

Additionally, partnering with VALIDGuard equips brands with a robust weapon against counterfeiting, a significant issue plaguing the fashion industry. Consumers can affirm the authenticity of any VALIDGuard-enabled product using their smartphones, offering a level of trust and security that's crucial in the digital era.

The debut of VALID's integration program ushers in a new epoch in the fashion realm. By extending their transformative technology to third-party entities, VALID is fostering a broader adoption of technology in fashion, challenging the limits of what's feasible at the nexus of these two industries.

In the words of VALID's Founder, "Our mission revolves around integrating technology and fashion in ways that enhance the consumer experience. By extending VALIDGuard to third-party brands, we're empowering more companies to provide their customers with the peace of mind and interactive engagement that VALID's technology ensures." - Shant Lokmanian, VALID Founder & CEO

With the launch of their integration program, VALID is lighting up a new horizon in fashion, a horizon where the boundary between the physical and digital world becomes nebulous, and fashion evolves into an immersive, interactive experience. The future of fashion has arrived, and with VALIDGuard, it's more exhilarating than ever.

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